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Elite Football Conditioning

Your Journey


Before We Kick Off

Let’s have a chat about you. I need to know more about you, previous and current training, your on field playing style and your goals! All of this is so I can have a very clear picture of the journey that lies ahead. You’ll be able to see this as we get you set up with the training app where all your programs and exercises will be sent through and recorded to ensure you have the accountability you need to get the job  done. 


The Kick Off

Our first session is no easy introduction, we don’t do easy. 

We will start light with a warm up loaded with mini assessments (breathing, core stability, posture, movement patterns and more). This then builds into a series of maximal effort tests which are dependant on your training goals.

Once we’re done and I have all the information I need you’ll be able to relax as we go through some fundamental stretches and cool down. 


The Plan

I’ll then use the work you did in the session to plan out the details in your training which can be manipulated to ensure progress no matter what stage of the season you are in. 

This will all be accessible to you on your desktop, phone or tablet to make it as easy as possible to get the work done. This is also where you’ll be able to see your performance progress session by session as well as seeing and feeling a difference on the pitch. 


What Next…?

Your Relentless work ethic mixed with the training plan tailored towards your Elite Performance come together to take you places most people can only dream of. I will push you and test you every step of the way, you may even hate me from time to time but that’s ok as long as you LOVE your RESULTS and you enjoy your training overall. 


Long Term Overview

  1. Bulletproof*

  2. Bombproof*

  3. Elite Performance


*figure of speech and should not be taken literally


Your biggest strength as an athlete is always availability. If you are fit, healthy and ready to perform you are giving yourself a chance. 


The first 2 phases are heavily loaded with building resilience, good habits and foundational strength. 

This then gives us the ability to drastically improve power, speed and quickness which can be devastating on the pitch! 


We do this by focussing attention on developing Elite behaviours in;

Breathing, Sleeping, Nutrition, Training and your Mindset leaving no stone unturned. 


If you want to get to it contact;

Phone - 07702425372

Email -


I’ll be at CrossFit 3D in Trafford, Location; 

D, 9 Brightgate Way, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M32 0TB

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About Alex Lenkowski


Growing up as a kid all I wanted to do was play football. At University I shifted sports and took up American Football which is where my appreciation of strength and conditioning in sport began. 


I continue to play American Football (as a kicker) representing Tamworth Phoenix and previously Great Britain Students. 


I spend most of my days experimenting with training programs and methods to overcome my failings as an athlete to figure the best possible routes for athletes to maximise their potential. 



  • Premier League analyst (Venatrack)

  • Academy Analyst Leicester City

  • Personal Trainer

  • Personal Trainer Educator

  • Wakefield Wildcats 

  • Oldham RL

  • Bury AFC 



  • Diploma in Personal Training

  • PT Assessor 

  • DTS Conditioning Coach 

  • DTS Level 1

  • Low Back Pain Specialist

  • NFE Sleep Specialist

  • MindMap Mastery

  • Precision Nutrition L1

  • The Oxygen Advantage 

  • EXOS Speed Coach

  • Brookbush Institute Human Movement Specialist

  • BSC Sports Coaching

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