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1on1 + Small Group
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Our personal coaching service offers players the opportunity to train and learn in a professional academy style environment, with 1 on 1 expert tuition from UEFA licensed coaching staff. 

Our specialist coaches will focus on the improvement of a player’s technical ability and tactical understanding through targeted skills coaching.


Each 60 minute session follows a player centred approach with the coaches primary role being to develop not only the player but the person. Attention to detail will be at the forefront of all sessions as we look to empower players to strive for their own personalised needs and goals. 


All 1 on 1 training session will be fun, but focused. As coaches challenge players to recognise their own role in achieving their goals through resilience and hard-work. At the end of each session we will always encourage players to focus on what they have learnt and how they can apply this new found knowledge into a game context, as we look to increase each player’s personal confidence both on and off the pitch.

Our small group training sessions will allow players to work together in groups of between 2 and 4 players. This session format allows are coaches to be able to introduce themes such as combination play and also to create practices with competitive but realistic scenarios such as 1v1’s, 2v1’s, 3v1’s and 2v2’s. 


This session format will still be player centred and coaches will still focus on the refinement of details of each player’s individual ball mastery, advanced body shape techniques to receive, skills to dominate in 1v1 scenarios and physical conditioning.

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